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Selma Stainback, PsyD

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Services offered include the following:

Membership: QViz members enjoy the following: (See Below for Details!)

Monthly Webinars

Monthly Conference Calls

Monthly Interactive Spiritual activities

Monthly Visualization and Meditation exercises

Individualized Homework Assignments

Monthly Workshop activities

Other Bonus Activities!

Individual, Couples and Family and Group Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Individual, Couples and Family Therapies and Groups (See Below).

I'm excited to continue work using nutrition and mental health approaches and working with clients who have received Ketamine Treatments!

I often work with individuals who are:

High Achievers

Business Executives


Entrepreneurs and;

Others who want guidance with Manifestation, Spirituality, Twin Flame Issues and Success.

Common Struggles:

Common struggles clients face include the following:

Spiritual Issues


Abuse Issues

Racism and Discrimination


Mood Issues

Eating Issues

Fertility Issues

Acne, PMS and related mental health struggles

Relationship and Family Issues

Grief and Loss

Clients who have received or are receiving Ketamine Treatments

Potential Benefits

Clients who work with me can come to feel unstuck, feel a sense of accomplishment and feel that they are starting to live their best lives!

Clients facing racism and discrimination often feel isolated, ashamed and frustrated. Clients coping with racism and discrimination can share their often traumatic ongoing experiences, begin to work through and heal the ongoing hurt and focus on truly understanding and embracing their greatness!

Couples who work with me can work through and move past infidelity, improve communication, develop more closeness and work to get their relationship back on track!

Many individuals who are successful receive compliments from others for their many achievements, but they continue to feel stuck. They believe they can achieve more, but feel a block. Clients dealing with blocks to success can work to understand how they got stuck and free themselves up to truly achieve everything they desire.

Many coping with anxiety feel like they will always react to certain situations the same way and feel restricted in their activities. Clients dealing with anxiety can work with me to reduce their anxiety symptoms and free up time and energy to focus on and get involved in the things that really matter.

Many individuals are unhappy with their lives but feel they must always do what pleases others. Clients who have struggled to let go of the past can work with me to tell their truth and begin to pursue the things they truly love rather than suffering through each day as they let others' opinions heavily influence their decisions.

Techniques & Groups:

Love and Money Technique:  This technique assists clients with spiritual and other tools to become successful in romantic and other relationships and in business, work or finances.  As group members do the work and focus on goals in relationships and wealth, they can find that a whole new world opens up!  They begin to see that they don't have to choose: They can truly have it all with respect to love and financial abundance!

Instant Break-Up!: This technique assists clients with spiritual and other tools to let go of unhealthy relationships quickly and become open to connecting in healthy ways and creating the lives, love and relationships they truly desire!

Quantum Blackout!: During this seminar, clients will receive spiritual and other information that can help them to work through experiences of the past, can reduce the impact of previous negative, even traumatic experiences and can help them to feel unstuck so that they can move forward and create and attract what they want in their lives.

Honeymoon's Back!: This strategy assists clients with spiritual and other tools to repair broken relationships, work through and move past infidelity, connect with each other on a deeper level, improve communication, create a stronger bond and create and maintain the love and relationships they truly want!

Law of Attraction: How to Get What You Want!: This technique assists clients with time-tested, practical strategies and information to help them to get what they want out of life each day!

Dating Hacked!: This strategy provides tips and tools in a step-by-step fashion to assist clients to maximize and get the most from their dating experiences to create the love and attract the relationships they've been craving!

The Zone Dialed!:
This technique provides information to assist clients to get into the zone or Vortex, a term popularized by Esther Hicks, and stay there!  Clients are assisted to use their imagination and other resources to create the lives they truly desire. Clients may be amazed at what they can pull into reality!

Creator's Group:This 12-week group will explore how group members have created their lives thus far and steps they can take to use spiritual and other forces to move toward creating, manifesting and living the lives they have desired!

Success Group: This 16 week group will explore the law of attraction with support from The Law of Success written by Napoleon Hill, famed author of Think and Grow Rich!  

Confidence-Builder Seminar: During this seminar, clients will receive information to help them to gain more understanding and increase their faith and self-confidence to create a stronger spiritual foundation and increase the chances that they will create and attract what they want into their lives.

Tapping for Anxiety and Life: This technique will assist clients to use EFT/Tapping, the new, revolutionary technique, to work through anxiety and other struggles and clear blocks so that they can work to shift their energy to focus on achieving the success they've been hoping for!

Clients Who Have Received or are receiving Ketamine Treatments: Clients who have received or are receiving Ketamine Treatments may have struggled, as they have tried a number of treatments, but have seen limited results. During our time together, these clients can begin to take new approaches to working through their struggles and, with Ketamine's assistance, can begin to create or recreate neuropathways to make connections, understand their old and new experiences in a different way, increase hopefulness that things can change, work through traumatic experiences, change their energy and take more action to achieve the results they have hoped for to become their best selves!

QViz Membership Detailed Description:

QViz Membership

Monthly Cubed Conference Calls- Participate in these calls focused on Spiritual, Scriptural and Scientific principles you can use to continue to create the life you want!

Monthly V2U Activities-Interact with other group members in practice for assistance as you prepare for success!

Monthly Cubed Webinars- Join in these dynamic exchanges focused on teaching Spiritual, Scriptural and Scientific principles to continue to bring your desires into reality.

QViz Meditation-
Relax as we meditate using various points of focus to help you to continue to pull your wants into this dimension!

Individualized Homework-
Work smart as you receive your own individual assignments, designed to assist you to achieve your unique goals!

Bonus: Creator's Workshop:
Grace us with your presence as we continue breaking down current and previous events, relevant movies, etc that show how these spiritual, scriptural and scientific principles continue to show up and work, for good or ill, for celebrities and folks next door alike!

Weight Loss Group:This 13-week group will explore past issues group members have faced in attempts to achieve weight goals and steps members can take to move toward achieving their goals.